Wednesday, 26 August 2009


If you are between the ages of 18 and 25 you are what is classed as a celtic cub. Oh, we had it all, the J1 Visas, tickets to every music festival known to man and the Brown Thomas loyalty card. Other characteristics of the celtic cub include a penchant for Ugg boots (Ugg stands for Uggaly by the by) and velour Aber crombie and fitsch tracksuits. That only applies to females I hear you say...oh no, you see, along with the celtic cub came the metrosexual, a she male, he woman whatever. But alas, the Burberry balloon has burst. Ma and Pa no longer see fit to send their youngsters to San Diego for a 6 week tour of Beer Pong Alley to watch tequila sunrises in Tijuana. We now have to fork out our own tuition fees so the option of staying in third level education for the better part of a century has gone kaput. Now our only options are hard minimum wage labour, Macdonalds- where you will be the only staff member with the ability to speak english and you know before ever meeting him that your boss is a clown, or immigration. Now out of all the above options immigration is by far the most attractive - however as a nation we have used it for far too long and now all the english speaking countries of the world are jaded by our 'gaelic charm', they are sick to death of our 'craic' pedalling and shudder at the sound of "ah sure twill all be grand in the morning". So how now Brown Cow (metaphor for Brian Cowen, although he wont be too brown this year as he is 'staycationing' in co.cork to show his support to the people in times of being economically fecked) whatever shall we do?

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